1. All student's are required/expected to:
    1. Attend the Academy punctually, regularly and dress up neatly in the prescribed uniform.
    2. Come with necessary books, exercise copies etc., required for the daily work. Homework must be done daily. No excuse in this respect will be entertained except illness. Be present in the morning assembly and not to leave the Academy premises during working hours without the permission of the Principal.
    3. Attend the Academy regularly. No leave of absence will be granted to them without a written application from the parent/guardian.
  2. Following activities will be strictly forbidden and defaulters will either be withdrawn or fined heavily:
    1. Bringing pets, record players, radios, weapons of any sort to the Academy.
    2. Disfiguring or defacing Academy's property.
    3. Lending and borrowing money.
    4. Possession and use of unauthorized medicines.
    5. Celebrating birthday parties.
    6. Offering gifts to staff members.
  3. Students guilty of the following offences will be liable to be withdrawn from Academy:
    1. Using unfair means in examination/tests, stealing and instances of moral turpitude.
    2. Willfully and deliberately damaging the Academy's property.
    3. Rudeness to staff members.
    4. Without proper cause, frequent absence from classroom and other Academy related activities.
    5. Gross violation of Academy's rules.
    6. Consistently poor performance in academics.
  4. Every staff member of the Academy has the right to check the students for the violation of the prescribed rules.
  5. In the Academy premises, Principal is the absolute authority. She is empowered to impose fine or any suitable punishment for breach of discipline or disorderly behaviour.


  1. Attendance is compulsory and absentees are dealt with suitably. Leave may be granted in case of illness when a medical certificate will be required and in emergent cases, on the written request of parent/guardians. Absentees/defaulters are fined as under:
    1. Late comers in the morning : Rs 10/- per day for every late arrival.
    2. Whole day absence without leave : Rs 50/- per day
    3. Absenting from class without permission : Rs 50/-
    4. Leaving school without permission : Rs 50/-
    5. Minor discipline cases i.e. improper dress etc: Rs 50/- for every irregularity
    6. Discipline cases i.e. disobedience, scuffle, : On merit but not more cheating etc than Rs 1000/- at a time
    7. Damaging school property : Cost of damaged items plus fine on merit of the case upto Rs.1000/-(at the discretion of the Principal).
    8. Note: The fine will be reflected in the fee bill and will be paid directly in the bank.
  2. The name of a student shall be struck off the rolls of the Academy if she remains absent without leave for ten consecutive days. In case of readmission the parents will have to pay admission fee.


  • No student will be granted leave of absence for more than three months.


  • Fee concessions are granted only to deserving students. Application for concession will be submitted to the school and not the Sectt on prescribed forms which is available with the Academy's office. Principal's recommendations and the academic record of the student are given due consideration while making the decision whether or not a student is to be given the concession after approval by the Chairman Lahore Garrison Education System according to the following priority order as under: -
    1. Children of Defence Personnel who are deceased/disabled due to war.
    2. Children of deceased/retired personnel.
    3. Any other deserving case.
    4. Note: Fee concession is discontinued if the student fails in her final examination.


  1. If the dues are not paid by the due date, the defaulter will be fined Rs. 5.00 per day .As per policy in vogue,if the fee is not paid for twenty days after the expiry of due date ,the name of the student may be struck off from the academy rolls.
  2. Following the above,a student will not be allowed to attend the classes at the beginning of a term if her dues for the previous term have not been paid.


  • Parents/guardians are not allowed to see any student or teacher during working hours in the classrooms without the permission of the Principal. They can see the Principal daily between 9:00 a.m. to 11:00. The complaints concerning their children, if any, should be made directly to the Principal.


  • All correspondence pertaining to the Academy shall be addressed to the Principal, Garrison Academy for Girls, Sarfraz Rafiqui Road, Lahore Cantt.