Co-Curricular Activities:

Co/ Extra curricular activities form an integral part of our education to groom and develop overall personality of the students.We offer a rich co-curricular/ extra program which allows students to apply what they have learned in the classroom, strengthen their skills and explore new areas of interests.The Academy participates in annual Inter-School English/Urdu debates, Qirat/Naat competitions, Painting, Urdu/English Essay Writing, Spelling Bee, Singing, Quiz and Sports competitions to enhance students confidence and intellect which creates in them a spirit of progress and creativity.

Celebration Of National And International Days

APSACS Secretariat and the governing body of Lahore Garrison Education System emphasizes upon the need of embedding the international dimension and global citizenship in the curriculum. Garrison Academy for Girls caters to the needs of diverse population of students and all of its activities are designed to meet the needs of local and global communities.With the inception of International School Award in the school, the students and teachers have learned and explored a lot, it has widened their horizon and they have improved their skills, abilities and capabilities. Sharing best practices, celebrating global days, learning about one another through activities they have turned into global citizens and teachers. Our school celebrates many cultural, social, religious, historic and international events every year like:

  • Mothers’ Day
  • Universal Children’s Day
  • Earth Day
  • Drama
  • Environment day
  • Sports Day
  • Labour Day
  • Grand Parents’ Day
  • Principal’s Dayy
  • Gratitude Day
  • Art & Science Exhibition
  • Teachers’ Day
  • Human Rights Day
  • Grandparents’ Day
  • Eids
  • Global Hand washing Day
  • World Health Day
  • World Peace Day
  • International Day of Tolerance


To facilitate the curriculum programme a healthy environment of cooperation and competition is introduced in the educational institutions in the form of societies and clubs. These societies function within defined parameters under the school administration umbrella. To maintain discipline, good system and organization the student population is placed in different houses bearing special names colors and symbols. This is done democratically through a mixed system of nomination, selection and election of person / student bearing offices, responsibilities and status of belonging. In the same manner clubs and societies are formed in the school to enhance the students’ abilities, to uncover the hidden talents and to sharpen the skills.


  1. Grooming Club
  2. Health Club (Yoga, Martial Arts, First Aid Training, Disaster /Risk Management etc.)
  3. Anti-Bullying Club
  4. Career Counselling Club
  5. Qiraat and Na’at Club
  6. Dramatics Club(Eng/Urdu)
  7. Story Telling Club (Puppetry/ Theatre)
  8. Debate Club (Oratory)
  9. Young Journalists’ Club (Print & Social Media)
  10. Poetry Club (Eng/Urdu)
  11. Language (Language Learning Club)
  12. Audio-Visual Club (Photography/Videography)
  13. Direction Club (DOP- Director of Photography)
  14. Graphic Designing Club (Photoshop etc.)
  15. Music Club (Instruments & Singing)
  16. Culinary Club (Cooking & Baking)
  17. Craft Club (Pottery, Paper Mache, Wood Work- Carpentry)
  18. Nature Club (Animal Club, Camping Club, Poultry, Gardening (Flora & Fauna, Composting, Horticulture)

  19. Science Clubs

  20. Recycling Club (Recovering & Re-creation)
  21. Digital Literacy Club (IT skills, MS Office, web development/ designing, data entry, SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences, Social Media Marketing)
  22. Robotics Club
  23. APP Club ( APP Development)
  24. Mini Mechanics Club (Home Appliances/Equipment Repair, Mobile Repair, Automobile Basic Maintenance)

House System

Acting upon the instructions issued by APSACS Secretariat and to engage students in useful pursuits and develop in them love and enthusiasm for co/ extra curricular activities, four houses have been formed. The names of the houses are: Unity, Faith, Discipline and Tolerance. Each House has a House Captain who is the best representative of the house. The House Mistress that is, the teacher In-charge is detailed by the Principal, to supervise, conduct and guide the students in all areas of their educational development.


A news bulletin titled “Newsreel” giving a detailed account of the academic and co-curricular activities and achievements within the Academy is formatted by the Editorial Board and is issued to the students term wise.